Monday, December 29, 2008

Best Moments of WGM

What do I love in this show?

The way Solbi say "Oppa~", Crown J "Passions", Alex's "sweetness", Andy's "Kindness", Letuce Couples "joyful and fun life", Marco's "Crazines", Hwanee's "naughty side"...

Why do I feel that my personality is like Kim Hyun Joong [from SS501] haha~

04/04/2008 [Eunhyuk's Birthday]

I wonder if he got it...

Celebrating His Birthday ^^

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 02: Arrival...[27th July 2008]

At 4:45 I arrived Incheon Airport in Seoul....I can't describe my feeling at that moment...Korean Airline Planes where everywhere...

"From the airplane's window"

I got off the plane and it was time to check in...The one who checked my passport was so kind hahah...I remember when he saw me he was saying that I'm beautiful and he didn't ask me a lot of questions and I passed so quickly...while the other members of my family took I was the first one to check in waaa~....then it was time to take our luggage....celebrities pictures where everywhere even on the trolley...we went out and then it was time to look for a taxi...we found one...the Ahjusshi was friendly he was teaching us phrases and words in Korea ^^ was fun...I saw the han river, 63 building, the bridges, Olympic stadium.Seoul tower and KBS station on our way to Sofitel Ambassador Hotel...

"Stady, Ready. Goo"
After an hour we arrived the hotel...we checked in and the boy took our luggage to our rooms in the 7th floor...I remember that I told the boy "Kamsamida" Thank u in Korean and he told me that my pronunciation is excellent and his English was excellent too...waaa~ I was so happy...we rested for a while then we decided to go to eat was night already...we asked the people on the reception if there was any Italian restaurants near by...they told us about one, but we found another one coz we couldn’t find the one they told us about...the first night to walk in Seoul...people where starring and smiling...we even saw a group of old men drinking soju and they were pointing at us saying that we are Arabs the restaurant we ordered many pizzas they where delicious...the waitress was trying to speak in English so cute...then when it was the time to pay for the food my father asked the waitress for change [money], but the girl didn't understand so she brought the lady "Boss" then I tried using Korean words after that they understood....

"Italian Resturant in Seoul"

Going back to the hotel preparing myself to sleep I was looking at Seoul tower from the room window...I switched off the lights and it was bed time...

"My first night in Seoul...looking at my mobile...Jalja Donghae & Eunhyuk Oppa"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 01: A Trip to My Dream Land...My Sweet Korea [26th July]

I will start my posting with telling u something about my love to Korea...On 2005 one of my friends at the college gave me a Korean drama called "Full House" staring the actor and the singer "Bi"...Since that day I fell in love with Korea and Korean people...I got addicted to Korean dramas first..then movies, shows and finally music....I was dreaming to go there one day...I even stated to learn the Korean language from watching dramas and "Let's Learn Korean" program...On June 2008 I graduated from the college with a Bachelor Degree of Teaching English and my family wanted to make a party for me and bought gifts...I didn't want any of that I just wanted to be around the people I love in the place which is KOREA...I told them I wanna go there...they were so understanding and I so thankful for them to take me there I can't forget that...Therefore, in order to make everyone enjoy the beauty of Korea and have a good time there I organized a schedule with my sisters for the places we want to visit, the cities and the thing we want to do as well as the people we would love to meet....After a long time of preparation it was time to travel...On the 26th of July 2008 we went to Dubai because we were suppose to fly from there and I'm living in Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates....

"Happy holding the ticket as it I'm holding a million Dirhams"

Before getting in the plane we met a Korean guy who sells samsung mobile he was so kind and shocked my father that Korea will be hot...hahah~ I knew that I didn't tell him coz I was afraid it will be an excuse for us not to go on this trip hahah~ I feel that I'm an evil sometimes :P....Then we met a Korean lady whose hasband used to work in KSA....she was so nice and told me and my sisters that we are beatiful and wished us a nice sweet isn't it.......
The plane take off was at 3:00 am I couldn't sleep until that time from happiness....and also because someone told me that if u wished or prayed while the plan is taking off your wish will come true......I was trying to sleep but the funny thing that the person behind and in front of me were kicking a lot so the way we were the only Arabs in the plane...which made me feel unique hahaha~....Wa~ then they brought the meal..look what was there Hot PEPPER PASTE YUMMY.....

"I Just Love Spicy Food"

Wait are we getting closer to Korea, that is why u are giving up the baording form...REALLY!!

"I Will Fill It NOW"

"Just Few hours to go....T_T"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nea Sarang "My Love"

In my first posting I would love to tell you about someone that I really love....they are not one person they are Thirteen...Since the day that I knew them I was not able to pass a single day without listening to them, looking at their pictures or watching a video of them....I didn't meet them yet, but I fall in love with them......they are so adorable....I can't imagine my life without them....they bring laughter to everyone... they are sensitive yet very masculine...They love people and like to help those in need...I really wish them the best, to have a good health, success, comfort and happiness.....They might not know that I'm here supporting and worrying about them...but everyone has their own way to show and prove their love to the person they really love....I hope that one day I will meet them and one of them would at least one be my friend I don't think I am asking for something mmm how can I say it... something that is impossible isn't it?!......
Special Message to them "Please I want you to eat well, sleep well, stay healthy and do your best .....(FIGHTING)"

The Video was Created By my Lovely Sister

A New Blog

Hi everyone!! I'm trying to learn how to deal with this blog :P....I created this blog to share with the people my interests and adventures HOPE that you will enjoy reading the upcoming postings......Aja Aja FIGHTING (Korean expiration which means Good Luck)...